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The Sun – ‘My little boy is having a sex change.’

Teenager Hannah Whetton and her mum Carol look like any loving mother and daughter, bonding over shopping trips together and sharing make-up tips. But theirs is no ordinary mother-daughter relationship – as just over a year ago Hannah was Carol’s son. When we heard Hannah’s incredible story, we knew the newspapers and women’s magazines would […]

Praise for Talk to the Press from ‘Supergran’ Ann Timson

Supergran Image

Talk to the Press has been praised by the family of ‘Supergran’ Ann Timson for our handling of their media coverage. Pensioner Ann became a national heroine overnight and found herself with media camped on her doorstep after beating away a group of would-be jewelry thieves with her handbag. Footage of the incident has since […]

More happy clients at Talk to the Press

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We love nothing more than people to share their story and feel happy with the result. And this week, we’ve received some lovely testimonials from those whose stories have been published. First up, Jeanette Lane said of her article about her daughter Justine ‘The article in Pick Me Up was wonderfully written, with such feeling. […]