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How to Sell a Story to E! News

Have you taken any newsworthy photos that you’re looking to get published in the international news? Did you snap a shot of a famous celebrity or athlete? Have you taken photos or videos related to a political scandal or high-profile crime? Have you captured paranormal activity on camera? Are you looking to get your photos or videos published in the news? Would you like to sell a story to E! News and other major publications?

Contact us here at Talk to the Press for a simple walkthrough of how to get your photos or videos published.

Sell a Video to E! News

Here at Talk to the Press we specialize in getting you paid for the things you shoot. Whatever or whomever you’ve got caught on camera, we’ll help you get your photos published in the appropriate outlet. In addition to our work with print/online media outlets, we also work with television studios. We will get your story the reach it deserves. Furthermore, and best of all, we don’t charge anything for our services.

Get photos published in E! NEWS

Simply fill out our story valuation form. We will let you know whether we think we can get your story published.

Sell a Photo, Video Clip, or Sell a Story to E! News in three easy steps:

  1. Submit your Story, Video Footage or Photos. Use this form to tell us a little bit about what you’re trying to sell. You can also use the upload tool on this page to send your footage to a reporter.
  2. We review your story, photos, or videos. If they seem newsworthy, one of our team members will contact you. We need as many details as you can provide so we can estimate your story’s worth. We won’t ever publish anything without your signed permission.
  3. Your story is published and you get paid. Once you’re happy to go ahead, we’ll get your story published in the news. We can place them in whichever press outlet you like, or multiple publications. We always negotiated for the highest fee possible. You can track your payments through our payment tracking service.


We work with every major media outlet on the planet. Because of this, we can get your story published on virtually any platform you want. We also keep you safe from any gossip journalists who might not have your best interest in mind.

All of your information will be kept 100% confidential until you tell us to reach out to our clients. We won’t publish anything until you have signed our media agreement, which gives us the right to distribute your story.

After we interview you and you sign our media agreement, your job is done. We’ll take it from there to make sure we get your story published to as many outlets as possible. If we need any more information, we’ll reach back out before publication.


To Sell a Story to E! or any other major publication, you can either fill out the story valuation form on this page or call us. You can also send photos and videos directly to: message@talktothepress.com. If your media files are too large to email, you can submit them through our user-friendly media portal.

After our interview, the Talk to the Press team will approach our clients with your content. Subsequently, these press companies will tell us how much they think your story is worth.

If your story generates interest, you could receive a significant payday. If the price isn’t right we will pitch your story to different news outlets until we get you what you deserve.


Call us now for a free and confidential quote. Your call will in no way leave you obligated to work with us. However, we trust that our team will prove themselves to be a great asset in helping you navigate the modern media landscape.

We will tell you if we can help you sell your storypicture or video to the media. Further, we can also estimate its value.

You can also send us your content here, or get in touch using our simple story-selling form. Give us a summary of your story and your contact information and we’ll be sure to reach out.

We’ll start with an informal interview. Rest assured, we will never publish anything you send or tell us until you’re comfortable moving forward.

Following this, our team of friendly and experienced journalists will take the information you give us and write your story. There is no easier way to sell a Story to E! News, or any other major publication around the globe.

Finally, we’ll use our extensive network of contacts and sell your story to the international press.

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