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A woman was at Six Flags theme park in Los Angeles, California when she spotted the singer Halsey and actor Evan Peters holding hands on a rollercoaster and “flirting” while in line.

The source snapped a few photos of the “hot new celebrity couple” and emailed them to the Talk to the Press USA tip line.

Her photos sold for $1,500 USD to Daily Mail TV as an exclusive story and the source received further royalties from E! News online and People Magazine.

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In this case the source requested to remain anonymous. She was paid via PayPal and did not have to disclose her banking details to anyone. She only needed to provide the email address that is connected to her PayPal account.

Needless to say, we always protect our sources, which is why it’s prudent to use an independent press agency like ours.

The source made sure that she didn’t share any of her photographs on social media or YouTube – to maximize her royalties.

Halsey and Evan Peters holding hands
“Not So Bad at Love” Singer Halsey “flirting” with American Horror Story actor Evan Peters on a rollercoaster at Six Flags, in California, USA

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