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My Sister Gave Birth to My Baby

WHEN Susan Hughes was told at just 16 she would never have children, her big sister Sarah took her hand and made an extraordinary pact. In that moment, she promised to do ‘everything in her power’ to make Susan a mother – even if it meant having a baby for her. Not many people can say […]

Don’t miss our story in this month’s Glamour magazine

Often, we are asked to find people to take part in features for newspapers and magazines, and this month you can see five pregnant ladies who jumped at the chance to appear in the glossy magazine Glamour. The question of  when to have a baby is one that plagues most women at some point in […]

That’s Life magazine – ‘Stabbed in my bump at 7 months pregnant’

When Natasha Cliff got in touch with us, we knew the newspapers and magazines would love to feature her incredible story. Natasha, 18, is the teenager who was stabbed in the womb by her boyfriend when she was six months pregnant bur miraculously survived – along with her unborn baby. You may remember Natasha’s story […]