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Baby Snatching – Every Mother’s Worst Nightmare

Baby Snatching – Every mother’s worst nightmare: Sarah Joseph’s story made international news headlines in November 2013 after her baby son was kidnapped from outside her home in Malaysia and she was run over by the get-away-car as she tried to stop the machete-wielding man from taking him. The 40-year-old English teacher was living in […]

Anorexia left me trapped in a child’s body

Keira, 21, from Wales, is recovering from anorexia which last year almost killed her after her weight dropped to a dangerously low 4 stone 12lbs, the average weight of a nine year old. As soon as we heard her story, we knew a magazine would be interested and this week, it appears in That’s Life. […]

I thought I had a tummy bug – then I went into labour

This week, 19-year-old Emma Hobday’s amazing story appears in That’s Life magazine. Emma was blessed with a surprise baby – but in Emma’s case she didn’t even know she was pregnant until she went into labour! In That’s Life magazine, she and her mum Wendy tell how they initially put Emma’s stomach cramps down to a […]