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Tell my side of the story | Talk to the Press

Tell my side of the story Do you have a real-life or true crime story that will shock the world? If you were the victim of a horrific crime or shocking real-life  – or you know someone who was – we can help you share your story. Perhaps you’ve been thinking ‘I want to tell […]

Sell a story about my accident: Talk to the Press

Have you suffered an accident which has left you with a physical deformity? If you’ve ever thought ‘I’d like to sell a story about my accident’ Talk to the Press can help you. Read a recent client’s inspiring story in the Mirror who says finding love has helped her cope with her ‘terrible scars’ We […]

Heartbreak and betrayal stories

Talk to the Press writers can relate to heartbreak and betrayal stories.  Our writer Paisley shared her own story this week… At Talk to the Press, we understand the importance of being kind and compassionate to our clients. So when somebody contacts us, we always ensure a friendly voice is on the other end of […]

Inspirational Animal Story

Do you have an inspirational animal story – if so, we’d love to hear from you? Nothing raises people’s spirits like an amazing pet story! Read about Gemma McKee’s incredible dog story. PROFESSIONAL dancer Gemma McKee shared the stage with superstars such as One Direction and Olly Murs before a freak accident ended her career. […]

Weight Loss Story: How to gain Pounds when you lose Pounds

Do you have a strong weight loss story?  We want to hear about it!  You’ve done the hard work and you deserve to feel great and show off a little bit.  Magazine editors love to see positive and uplifting weight loss stories, and what’s better is that they will pay generously for them.  Feedback from […]

Brave abuse victim shares her inspirational story

TTTP has helped hundreds of brave abuse victims share their story.  The feedback we receive from those who are going through a similar situation is often inspirational.  Recently we helped Natalie, the victim of historic sex crimes, share her story with Bella Magazine.

World’s Largest Collection of… Wacky Stories!

At Talk to the Press we don’t always deal with serious issues and heartbreaking stories, we also help people publish their wacky stories and bizarre tales.  Do you have a quirky obsession or a wacky collection you want to share? Do you have a strange phobia, a crazy hobby, or the world’s largest collection of […]

Thanks to the Sunday Mirror for our bottle of champagne

It’s always nice to be appreciated and all of us at Talk to the Press were thrilled this week when our pals at the Sunday Mirror sent us a bottle of champagne for Christmas! Throughout 2011, we’ve worked on a number of big stories with the Sunday Mirror, including our front cover story about a black […]