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Britain’s Biggest Burlesque Dancer

Meet Britain’s biggest BURLY-ESQUE dancer!  Talk to the Press helped Charline tell her story about her life as Britain’s Biggest Burlesque Dancer. When Charlene saw an advert in her local paper advertising burlesque dancing lessons her heart sunk, as she believed it was only for ‘skinny girls’. But after speaking to family and friends, Charlene […]

The love of my life raped my daughter

Amy, 32, had her heart ripped out when she discovered that her beloved partner of 16 years had raped her 13-year-old daughter. Ironically, her vile husband, who worked with paedophiles, used to come home from work and tell her about the awful crimes that paedophiles commit, whilst at the same time, abusing Amy’s daughter. This […]

I had a big pregnancy bump – but no baby

In this week’s Chat magazine, you’ll see TTTP client Susan Young, who looked six months pregnant – but there was no baby. In fact Susan had something called a molar pregnancy, where cysts had developed because of an abnormal conception. It’s a very rare condition whereby the patient appears to be pregnant – and has a […]

This week’s Chat magazine – baking cakes cured my post-natal depression

This week, Vicky Ponsonby features in Chat magazine where she talks about how baking Christmas cakes cured her postnatal depression and saved her marriage. Vicky, now 38, had always enjoyed cooking but with a hectic career as a defence engineer and a young child had only ever had time to make the occasional cake – most […]