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Sell before and after photos to a magazine

Would you like to sell before and after photos to a magazine or newspaper following an amazing weight loss journey? Share your weight-loss story in a newspaper and magazine with Talk to the Press! If you’ve lost 6st or more, and want to sell before and after photos to a magazine, we’d love to help you […]

My Sister Gave Birth to My Baby

WHEN Susan Hughes was told at just 16 she would never have children, her big sister Sarah took her hand and made an extraordinary pact. In that moment, she promised to do ‘everything in her power’ to make Susan a mother – even if it meant having a baby for her. Not many people can say […]

Tunisian loverat turned me into a street beggar!

Have you been scammed by a foreign toyboy and want to warn other women about the dangers of age gap relationships? Read Selina Hinkson’s story below… Selina Hinkson, 48, left her London home to join 20-year-old shop worker Nizar Bemnabrouk and converted to the Muslim faith after they struck up a relationship on Facebook…

Unusual Relationship Story…

Are you in an eyebrow raising relationship? Do you have an unusual relationship story? TTTP has recently shared Emma Horne’s incredible story, about being in love with a man on death row, with the national press. When Emma Horne contacted us with her story we knew the papers and magazines would love an interview with […]

Addicted to Laxatives!

TTTP client Jasmine Bishop speaks candidly to The Sun about her laxative addiction.  Jasmine was addicted to laxatives and took up to 20 a day! Plagued with multiple eating disorders Jasmine Bishop was desperate to lose weight fast. Disgusted at her size 14 frame, she ditched food completely and made the dangerous decision to live […]

Sell My Wedding Story: Bridesmaid’s Aisle Labour

We are always on the lookout for heartwarming, heartbreaking, shocking, or bizarre wedding stories, but we absolutely love wedding stories that raise a smile.  This week Talk to the Press client Lucy Morris tells The Mirror how she nearly gave birth at her sister’s wedding after she went into labour whilst walking down the aisle! […]

Playboy Party Girl to Prude!

Model speaks exclusively to the Sunday People about how her brain surgery changed her personality.  Kerri went from a playboy party girl to prude! When Kerri Parker flicks through her pictures of herself as a playboy model stood next to Hugh Heffner she experiences a sudden pang of sadness. For years, the 30-year-old from Norwich enjoyed […]

Unusual Relationship? Share Your Story…

Do you and your partner defy convention? Are you in an unusual relationship? Do other people raise an eyebrow or say ‘It’ll never last’? Perhaps there is a large age gap between you, or a big height difference, or maybe you have a strange double life that your partner is fine with? When Agnes Rochford contacted feature writer Paisley at Talk to the Press with her amazing love story that spanned generations, she knew the newspapers and magazines would love to interview her. We helped Agnes tell her side of the story.

Baby Snatching – Every Mother’s Worst Nightmare

Baby Snatching – Every mother’s worst nightmare: Sarah Joseph’s story made international news headlines in November 2013 after her baby son was kidnapped from outside her home in Malaysia and she was run over by the get-away-car as she tried to stop the machete-wielding man from taking him. The 40-year-old English teacher was living in […]

Inspirational Animal Story

Do you have an inspirational animal story – if so, we’d love to hear from you? Nothing raises people’s spirits like an amazing pet story! Read about Gemma McKee’s incredible dog story. PROFESSIONAL dancer Gemma McKee shared the stage with superstars such as One Direction and Olly Murs before a freak accident ended her career. […]