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Is this Britain’s bravest headteacher?

We love an inspirational story here at Talk to the Press, and they don’t come much more inspiring than that of headmaster Kieron Heakin, which we placed in the Daily Mail. Last month, a father of a primary school was convicted of assaulting a headteacher and sentenced to 16 weeks in prison. That headteacher was […]

Coverage in national newspapers for TTTP client Elaine Buckley

Elaine, 50, is a mum of two from Yorkshire, who has been married for almost 30 years and is a regular churchgoer and fundraiser in her local community. But in November 2010, the accounts manager found herself at the centre of an extraordinary case when her employer accused her of viewing porn sites at work. […]

National newspaper coverage for the baby whose cancer was mistaken for a birthmark

This week, Yvonne Bull’s story appears in the Sunday Mirror and Daily Mail, where she tells how no less than twenty doctors told her that a huge growth on her newborn daughter’s face was an innocent birthmark. Shockingly, the ‘birthmark’ was in fact a deadly form of cancer which would have killed baby Isabel if left untreated. […]

Cancer boy failed by NHS goes to Germany – Daily Mail story

As soon as we heard about the desperate situation faced by Sam Knighton, we knew a newspaper would be keen to feature her story. Sam’s little boy Zac, 7, is battling cancer, and his lifesaving operation has been cancelled twice due to bed shortages. In desperation, Sam decided to take her son to Germany where […]

Why I don’t regret letting my daughter have a gastric band at just 14

Just four years ago 18-year-old Katie Hill weighed more than 18 stone and was a size 26. It was no life for a 14-year-old girl and Katie feared that one day she would become housebound. But her life changed dramatically when she became the youngest person in Britain to have a gastric band fitted after […]

The Daily Mail – ‘I’m Britain’s youngest sex change patient.’

Sex Change Article Image

Alex Thornton emailed us asking ‘How do I sell my story’.At the time, Alex was set to be the youngest girl in Britain to have a sex change. We sold her story to the Daily Mail, Woman magazine, and Alex was innundated with offers from documentary companies wanting to follow her through the process.