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I’ve beaten cancer four times – and I’m only 30!

Most people would consider themselves unlucky if they got cancer once in their lives – but Lauren Ashley’s had cancer four times and she’s only 30. Now doctors have referred her to a genetic specialist after dubbing her a ‘cancer magnet’ and we’ve helped Lauren share her story with the Daily Mail. Lauren was just 16 months […]

I lost my wife to Alzheimer’s when she was just 39 years old

When Steve Boryszczuk’s beloved wife, and mother to their two children, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease at 39 he knew their life would change forever. Michelle, now 43, is believed to be one of the youngest sufferers of the disease in the UK. We helped him share his wife’s courageous diaries with a number of […]

Our agony over whether to terminate our disabled child

  When Sophie Parks and her partner, James, found out their unborn baby was severely disabled they had to make the most agonising and heart-breaking decision of their life – to continue with the pregnancy – or terminate it. Worried their unborn child’s quality of life would be poor and their child would suffer as […]

Is this Britain’s bravest headteacher?

We love an inspirational story here at Talk to the Press, and they don’t come much more inspiring than that of headmaster Kieron Heakin, which we placed in the Daily Mail. Last month, a father of a primary school was convicted of assaulting a headteacher and sentenced to 16 weeks in prison. That headteacher was […]

Pioneering surgery gives mum miracle baby – Daily Mail today

Like all new parents, Katie Brown and Adam Holtby savour every precious moment with their five month old son Ethan. But the couple have more reason than most to feel blessed – because Ethan is the baby the couple feared they might never have. Katie’s inspirational story appears in today’s Daily Mail, where she tells […]

TTTP client shares her inspiring story with the Daily Mail

This week, TTTP client Sue Organ appears in the Daily Mail’s Femail section where she shares her inspirational story of caring for her husband Charles after he suffered a catastrophic brain injury in a bike accident. Until five years ago Sue, 59, and Charles, 61, had the perfect life. Charles ran a successful fisheries company […]

Branded a racist – when I complained about an incompetent nurse

Last week, we arranged for Sandra Hynes, 50, from Essex, to speak exclusively to the Daily Mail about how she was left shocked and upset when a senior nurse accused her of being racist – just because she’d questioned a junior’s nurse’s competence. In October 2011 Sandra went into Chelsea and Westminster hospital for a […]

Meet the incredible triplets – born 4 years apart…..

Cradling her baby sisters, three-year-old Libby Cooper looks like any proud older sister. But things aren’t quite what they seem – as Libby and the newborn girls are actually triplets! All three were conceived at the same time during IVF treatment, but while Libby was born in May 2008 her sisters Neeve and Maddie didn’t […]